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Mr. Suarez practices in the areas of oil & gas, mining, public utilities, and corporate law, with over thirty years experience in oil & gas projects, pipeline construction and operation, project finance, and transactional, litigation and regulatory issues thereof, as well as electric power generation projects, construction of transportation infrastructure projects, and complex corporate transactions.

Mr. Suarez currently advises and represents multiple upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas and mining multinational and local industry participants in oil and gas projects, mining projects, tolling agreements, easements and rights of way agreements, joint ventures and joint operating agreements, as well as exploration and production agreements. He has also assisted his clients with the defense of class, tort and contract actions concerning, among others, performance of contract, breach of contract, and contract liability, as well as with regulatory compliance.

Mr. Suarez actively participated in the expert task group commissioned by the National Hydrocarbons Agency -ANH- to draft the Colombian Oil & Gas Contract, regulatory agency he had already counseled between 2004 and 2007 on Colombian hydrocarbons reserves management, and oil & gas contracts, as well as with market practices and regulatory issues.
In addition to his oil & gas expertise, Mr. Suarez advises and represents various electric power generation, electricity and gas utilities, and telecommunications companies regarding, among others, market rates & tariffs and business practices, transmission pricing and operations issues, and revenue distribution agreements, as well as with regulatory compliance matters. He has also represented his clients in multiple arbitrations in both the energy and telecommunications industries, and is a registered arbitrator at the Bogota Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Suarez also has extensive experience in civil, commercial and corporate law, areas in which he has advised and represented his clients in M&A transactions for publicly and privately held corporations, business reorganization and financial restructuring, labor relations management, and diverse tax issues.

Suarez Zapata Partners Abogados S.A.S. delivers seamless broad legal counseling, transactional and litigation services on natural resources and energy law. Its partners held senior positions with domestic or international oil & gas or mining corporations, and have advised trade associations, and governmental energy agencies or other relevant authorities at the national, regional or local levels.

The Firm offers across-the-board legal and business counseling and representation on all oil & gas and power project life cycle stages, including regulatory compliance, to large, medium and small upstream, midstream and downstream, domestic and multinational corporations, as well as on major infrastructure power generation projects.

The Firm provides comprehensive advisory, transactional and litigation services on project finance, exploration, development, production, transportation and marketing of oil and gas reserves, land management and title reviews, right of way and easements, as well as on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, corporate reorganization and restructuring, tax structuring, and securitization matters in these sectors.

It also offers excelling advisory and litigation services on ground and surface-water rights, well administration, land use and zoning, environmental and regulatory compliance, and other environmental related issues, such as class – actions.

Moreover, it provides advise to Governmental agencies and relevant authorities at the national, regional and local levels on the design and implementation of public policy and regulatory issues, especially in the oil and gas industries and public utilities services -power and water-. In fact, partners have participated and contributed in the drafting of the Colombian Hydrocarbons Exploration and Production Contracts and have assisted in the design and structuring of key regulations, such as unconventional resources.
Moreover, the Firm has led many of the principal M&A transactions in these sectors and has worked extensively in contractual arrangements ranging from un-incorporated and incorporated structures, farm-in and farm out agreements, joint bidding and study contracts, oil and gas transportation and distribution structures.

Finally, the Firm has assisted its Clients in starting operations in Colombia, including capacity structuring as this relates to regulatory legal, technical, operational and financial requirements. Upon incorporation, the Firm has provided legal services for its Clients seeking to be awarded in public rounds concession agreements for technical evaluation, exploration and production contracts.

Suárez Zapata & Partners Abogados S.A.S. – Attorneys at Law- is a highly recognized Colombian specialized law firm headquartered in Bogota, which offers wide-ranging advisory, transactional, litigation and regulatory practice experience, and is dedicated primarily to Energy, Environmental and Natural Resources Law. It is ranked by the industry as the number one Firm in Colombia in Oil and Gas, Mining, Environmental and Public Utilities Law. Legal counseling provided to local and multinational corporations, business associations, Government agencies and relevant authorities at national, regional and local levels, has made Suárez Zapata & Partners the leading law firm in Colombia on these issues.

Its partners’ over 25 years of accrued legal and business knowledge and experience warrant this firm’s across-the-board expertise in these fields, and ensure excelling legal counseling to its diverse client base in these highly complex and regulated industries, ranging from oil and gas and power -electric- project structuring & finance as well as development and operation, to advanced litigation and arbitration. Furthermore, the Firm is leader in rendering legal services in the public utilities sector, infrastructure and transportation. In these areas the Firm assists it clients in a wide variety of complex corporate transactions, especially mergers and acquisitions.

The Firm´s team of highly qualified lawyers in their areas of expertise commitment to excellence, and its preventive approach to legal practice, help its clients to avoid and solve their problems on a timely and cost-effective basis, by providing personalized, multi-disciplinary and comprehensive solutions that encompass both legal and business considerations required to effectively safeguard and advocate its clients’ interests.

In addition to its main specialty practice areas, this top ranked Firm is also regarded as a cutting-edge legal services provider in litigation and arbitration, commercial law, real estate law, corporate reorganization and restructuring.

Furthermore, Suarez Zapata & Partners is committed to social responsibility and, consequently, upholds pro bono and community outreach as one of its core values. It provides pro bono legal services to organizations and individuals who cannot afford to pay, undertaking representation not as mere professional obligation, but rather, as recognition of civic duty and personal responsibility towards the legal profession and the community.

Gustavo Suárez Camacho is one of the most respected figures in the oil and gas field, with sources recognising his decades of experience and sector involvement.
Chambers Latin America, 2013