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Nuno Galvão Teles joined the firm in 1987 and became a partner in 1995. He coordinates one of the corporate and commercial and capital markets teams. He also leads the firm’s energy team, area in which he has an extensive experience.

His relation with the Portuguese energy sector goes back to the beginning of 1990s. During the last 15 years he has taken part in enterprises of the energy sector and given support to the Portuguese government in the most important transactions that have occurred in the energy sector in Portugal.

He advises and assists several companies and banks with a focus on M&A and capital markets operations. During the past years he has had an active role in key M&A transactions in Portugal or carried out overseas by Portuguese companies.

Nuno has led the team of lawyers responsible for some of the major privatisation transactions in Portugal, namely in the energy, pulp, motorways and cement industry).

Nuno Galvão Teles is at present the Managing Partner of the firm.

As a recognised leader in the provision of legal services in this area, the firm ensures that legal advice is focused on the interests of its clients and tailored to their specific needs. We are able to offer in-depth knowledge of the electricity, gas, renewable energies and carbon markets and their complex legal and regulatory systems.

With years of experience representing the major Portuguese energy companies in this area, in national and international projects, we provide legal support in mergers and acquisitions, the restructuring of companies, re-privatisation operations, concessions, and joint ventures and financing, including project finance, among other operations.

With a team dedicated to the energy sector, the monitoring of clients’ needs is permanent;the firm provides an integrated service which benefits from a specialised analysis of relevant administrative law and competition law aspects.

Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados is the outcome of the 2004 merger between the firms Morais Leitão, J. Galvão Teles & Associados and Miguel Galvão Teles, João Soares da Silva & Associados, both resulting from prestigious law firms founded in the 1930s and 1960s.

The origin of Morais Leitão, J. Galvão Teles & Associados was the 1993 merger of João Morais Leitão & Associados (founded by João Morais Leitão in 1961) with J. M. Galvão Teles, Bleck, Pinto Leite & Associados (J. M. Galvão Teles’ office was founded in the 1930s). Miguel Galvão Teles, João Soares da Silva & Associados was founded by Miguel Galvão Teles and João Soares da Silva, lawyers who began practising in the 1960s and 1970s, respectively.

In 2006 the law firm Osório de Castro,Verde Pinho, Vieira Peres, Lobo Xavier & Associados, founded in 1989 and based in Porto, was integrated into Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados, thereby reinforcing our firm’s leading position and its presence in the north of the country.

Corporate and energy law expert Nuno Galvão Teles leads the team.
Chambers Europe, 2013